Friday, 13 May 2016

It's been Ages to Blog Again...

Its been ages to see my blog once again. Wanna wake it up again? I was thinking so. Should I? But I don't think anyone is gonna read it. But it doesn't matter anyone reading it or not. I should think about it.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Tears of Joy

Today, a friend is married to a guy in Sibu. The ceremony just ended 9am, 12th June 2011, Sunday. A little felt of touch that a friend is married far away. She will be on her way back to her new life in Sibu. It's a great day for her. Of course we all friends wish her new life would be great and happy with the person she loves most. Tears of joy was there when the groom come to pick her up, we all had it. When her husband knee down and said
"Come home with me!"
We almost cried. We hold our tears. It's tears of Joy.
The feeling was there as our heart was joy for her. We wish her the best with her beloved husband together happiness forever.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

I just Remember How Birthday really Feels...

Tonight, I had K-group at Mr. Hoo house. It's an evening I remember what birthday really feels. Only this time, it's the 1st time I ever celebrate with my sister and brother in Christ. This feeling has long gone ever since my dear brother went to heaven. It does not matter is there or not. But tonight, I felt it that God had answered my prayer. He opened up my feeling that you still have me. I can felt it. It makes me feel so happy that I just wants to hug everyone of them.The feelings that had been lost. Thank you God. And I thank you for my K-group. So love them...

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Happy Birthday To Myself...

This year I dn't feel like celebrating at all. It has become a common birthday to me. It feels like it's the same as everyday. There is always someone missing in my birthday. Everyday I can get over it. Only this day, I felt it's different. I forgotten the day how it really meant about birthday. I forgotten how happy it should be. When I think about others birthday, I greet them because it's the way how we should congratulate others on their birthday as they grow older. But to me, I dn't felt it any more. Where are you elle?

Monday, 1 November 2010

I asked God To take Away Something...

3 weeks ago, I asked God and prayed that he could take away my hatred feelings towards my dad. Sometime I really hate him for been selfish and saying die each and every time. It makes me feel so hated.
I prayed to God and tell him,
Dear God,
I love my parents a lot but how come I got such hatred that I dn't get to understand why I hate my dad so much. I tell God, he has his responsible as father that he gave me money to study. I make my confession to God and tell him I do not wish to feel this way. I asked him to take away my hatred feeling off me. The very next week, I am willing to talk well and no feeling of hate. I can feel it there are no hate in me anymore.
God is with me. Once I confess I feel better and I know my God has forgiven me. He has taken the hatred in me. I thank you God.
I started practicing myself to pray more. To my frens, and my family. Coz I knw God is listening and we are blessed to bless others. I want my frens to feel that too...

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Did I Pack Myself Too Much?

My life had been packed too much is it? When I got not enough money to spend I really only try not to waste much. But dad requested to do something for him. I always feel he always pick the wrong time.
When Mum tells me you should do it even you dn't feel like it. She asked me how many days are you at home? I suddenly feel that I really hate myself. Even that I am at home I am also an useless brat. When I try to help, its always wrong. What can I do then? That's why I had a grumpy face when I cn't do things right.
I rather be out more often rather dad keep scolding more often.
I was not often out either. Only more in room facing my internet facebook.
It's been one month plus I had not hang out with my friends. Only this week, that I go out. It feels not right. I got out or not out. I had been treated as out everyday. I dn't knw why. Did they not saw me. Am I invisible? If it's better this way, why not I just not be home and stayed somewhere that u will never saw me everyday. Wouldn't that be better? Just like Brother who only can saw us...

Thursday, 9 September 2010

What Have I Learned This Week?

You knw frens, just within these weeks I learned something important. From my frens, christian fellowships, as 12 disciples, as a daughter, as a girlfriend and as a collegues. What have I learn? As many roles as I am, but I'm sure you frens too. Did I manage to handle it on? I can tell that I did some but some no. But I did my best to accomplish it.
For church, after the last week...I knw from that day onwards I will not going to miss every Sunday church. It's a blessing and enjoyable when we go church to listen and learn.
For 12 disciples, I manage to seek advise and seek my journey for long and the meanful of my life. The God's creation and his love that he always showed me. Fellow brothers and sisters that I realise we are not alone.
As collegues I learn that, although it's still work but we still care on each others to help out. Cheerful to me all the time. Coz I like my work.
My mother who always thinks for me and love me a lot. Cooks the best of the best. I always hurted when she is painful in any part of her body. Because I want her to stay healthy all the time and happy. Mum if I had a pair of healing hands..I'm sure I want to make u healthy and no pain.
As for my boyfriend, who oftenly called and cared a lot. But of course I want him to stay healthy and happy all the time. If he had much time, really hope that he can learn more about God's word too.
This week, I learned so much about caring on each others...
I so loved them...
Thank God for meeting everyone in my life...

Friday, 13 August 2010

Choices To make Or Nil..

Sometimes I feel that I am very lonely but when I saw my mum I am always glad,
but each and everytime I saw my dad it's a pain to me. We don't agree with each other anymore.
He sure hates me the most and sure I just hate it when he can't makes a choice who to choose.
He loves himself only. Even more certain after brother died. He sure don't care about me anymore, and my feelings towards him are certainty fading away.
He looks towards his other son who only looks at his money. His other family.
Sometimes my thoughts are, if he still can't make a choice I am leaving soon because he still got other family that can look after him. I had no choice. It's meaningless for what for I stay here although it's still my home. The one I saw was only my mum that had me return.
If this feeling keeps coming I will come to think to run once more...